About the Annapolis Historic District

Walking through the downtown historic district, you’ll see evidence of the rich history of Annapolis.  It’s in the street plan itself, which has shaped the town ever since 1695, creating charming and dramatic vistas of the Maryland State House, St. Anne’s Church, and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  It’s in the impressive facades of brick mansions built for some of America’s Founding Fathers, but also in the simpler lines of wood frame dwellings that housed colonial artisans and merchants. It’s in the mix of boats tied up at City Dock and in the restored colonial-era taverns where you can still get a drink and a bite to eat.  For more information.

If you’re looking to live in a charming part of town with ample activities to keep you busy, the Historic District might be a great option.


Homes for Sale in the Historic District

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